Questions and Answers

Question – Can I order online for pick up or delivery?

Answer – Yea, we take online orders by clicking on the ORDER NOW tab in the upper right corner of this page for pick up or delivery. You can also order through our Sweet Leaf app and get some of our exclusive offers.

Question – Do you serve breakfast?

Answer – If you’re asking then you probably haven’t had one of our tasty breakfast sandwiches or our almost famous Sunrise Breakfast Burrito (both available all day long).

Question – Are you a franchise?

Answer – Nope, we are family owned and rooted in our community.


262 Maple Ave E Vienna, VA 2218


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Restaurant Hours

MONDAY: 8am - 8pm

TUESDAY: 8am - 8pm

WEDNESDAY: 8am - 8pm

THURSDAY: 8am - 8pm

FRIDAY: 8am - 8pm

SATURDAY: 8am - 8pm

SUNDAY: 8am - 6pm

In 2012, we opened the doors to our second and most adored location. At the corner of Maple Ave and Glyndon St, in the charming town of Vienna. Dubbed the little sister of the McLean location by our family. This store has everything we are about. It’s rooted in the community, unique to the town, and despite its small footprint, it punches above its weight class. After 10+ years of serving, kids, parents, friends, locals and anyone passing by, we have craved out a little following of loyal Leafers. With wrap around outdoor seating, plenty of indoor seating and just enough parking so you can always find a spot when you’re in a rush or just want to enjoy a tasty bite and catch up with a friends. While the quality of the food and atmosphere is essential, the ambience and overall experience are equally as important to us. We try to stand out from the rest by putting thought into the experience and environment when you’re supporting Sweet Leaf. So, stop on by to check out what’s new and fresh this season.