Try our Newest Catch of the Day, The Norwegian Salmon! 


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Try our Newest Catch of the Day,
The Norwegian Salmon! 

Salmon + Wild Farro

Norwegian salmon, charred baby broccoli, rosemary sweet potato, purple cabbage, wild rice + farro, lemon squeeze, sriracha (on side)


Norwegian salmon, cherry tomato, roasted corn, parm crisp, organic arugula, romaine, lime squeeze, jalapeno caesar


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The Wild Side of Farro

Get ready for our exciting new duo the Wild Farro! We’ve meticulously paired the age-old farro with wild rice to create a powerhouse of nutrition. Bursting with more protein than regular rice, wild rice also packs a punch with essential nutrients and antioxidants. On the other hand, Farro is a veritable treasure trove of fiber, iron, protein, and magnesium. Together, they create the ultimate balanced food source, a dynamic duo that delivers a healthful mix of protein and fiber. Get set to embrace a healthier lifestyle with Wild Farro! 

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